Support for Ukrainian Students and Academic Staff

EADTU, as a representative of many leading higher education institutions in online education, took the initiative to bundle initatives aimed at supporting Ukrainian students and academic staff. The repository will be updated continously.

EADTU released a statement recently, expressing its deepest solidarity with all those affected by the Russian invasion of the sovereign state of Ukraine.

Free courses and studies

These universities offer free courses and studies to students fleeing the war in Ukraine. 

University of Jyväskylä

The University of Jyväskylä regularly informs the university community and its partners of developments in the situation of the war in Ukraine. JYU provides studies and guidance to students fleeing the war in Ukraine. It  offers a chance to apply for separate studies and Open University studies free of charge.

Hellenic Open University

Hellenic Open University, as a sign of solidarity and support of the Ukrainian students, offers financial exemptions for Ukrainian students.


UNED currently offers free courses to Ukrainian students, in Spanish.

Universidade Aberta

The Universidade Aberta of Portugal recently joined the solidarity campaign going on towards the Ukrainian refugees by offering an online Portuguese course completely free of charge to adult Ukrainian people living in Portugal and wishing to acquire basic communication skills in Portuguese language.


Uninettuno's 'University for Refugees' is now also open to Ukrainians, who can enroll free of charge thanks to the scholarships that the university has already allocated.

Support pages

These universities have published support pages with several measures and actions to help academic staff and students from Ukraine.

University of Ljubljana

The University of Ljubljana offerc specific measures of support and assistance.

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

In the wake of the situation caused by the Russian government's military invasion of Ukraine, the UOC has introduced various measures to support the members of the UOC community who have been affected.

Open University (UK)

The Open University (OU) has launched a raft of measures aimed at helping students and Ukrainians fleeing the war and arriving in the UK.

University of Foggia

The University of Foggia has created 14 fellowships for Ukrainian Students, 5 fellowships for Ukrainian Administrative Staff and 5 grants for Ukrainian Visiting Professors.

Dublic City University

Over 400 students from Ukraine were recently welcomed by DCU as they will be housed in student accommodation over the remainder of the year. Ireland has adopted a centralised model to support students with a National Student and Researcher Helpdesk and a coordinated approach to assisting students so they  can continue with their studies. 


The European University Association announced a set of actions to assist the Ukrainian higher education sector.


Academics to Academics Initiative

This initiative is aimed at the support of academic staff of Ukrainian universities who have been relocated from active hostilities zone. The Initiative will target university teachers and researchers enabling them to conduct education and research activities while staying internally displaced or living abroad as refugees.   

#SaveUkraine fundraising

An initiative of the National Research Foundation of Ukraine (NRFU). The funds raised will be allocated to support Ukraine and the needs of refugees from Ukraine.